Der offizielle Gran Turismo 5 Thread


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GT5 Demo 2010 is an early build that was compiled on July 16, 2010. This build of the game was released on the Internet Archive, as part of a PS3 IDU update disc, as early back as October 13, 2018, but the build would remain encrypted until August 8, 2019, where Internet aliases Razerman and Elston87 decrypted the encrypted package that contained the build. The build was later re-packaged and re-released the following day.

This build of the game was not publicly distributed. It was only available for play via trade shows and public events, displays and kiosks that showcased the build and the developers' then-current progress of the full game. From the compile date, this build predates the final release-to-manufacturing build of the game by around four months.

Mit ausführlichem Vergleich zwischen Demo und Release.

Überblick: Unused / Hidden Content Discoveries in Gran Turismo 5
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Gran Turismo 5 - LAN Mod Thread

Leider wurde der LAN Modus von PD nie im Release aktiviert. Wenigstens im letzten Offlinepatch hätten sie das machen sollen.

Per Hack ist er freischaltbar und zusammen mit versteckten PS2 Strecken nutzbar.

These were taken from online races earlier today (via XlinkKai). We can now race on some PS2 era tracks that have been ported over to PS3, thanks to some talented modders over at the discord server!
So our server finally managed to get 16 players in a lobby! A new record and a great moment for LAN play
Gran Turismo 5_6.png

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Am Master Mod wurde fleissig weitergearbeitet:

GT5 Master Mod

1. LAN Mod
This is based off the original LAN Mod made by Razerman. A couple fixes and improvements were made:
  • Chat logs now display properly when activating "Online Lounge Demo" in Secret Settings (which allows names to appear properly to others).
  • 3 new car set restrictions were added. (Could not add more, the game doesn't load them properly for some reason.)
  • The original LAN Mod broke the regular Rome track. This is fixed.
  • The original LAN Mod broke Course Maker and GT TV. These options are now accessible again.
  • More cars are available in the Arcade Section, which also appears in Recommended and people can use without owning them. Also means that you can do more specific One-Make races.
  • Shuffle now goes from 240 PP to 1000 instead of the original 300 to 500. The upper PP ranges car list was imported from GTPSP's Shuffle list.
  • Added three new car categories regulations - Tuned Car Class, Historic Cars (20 mil race cars), and Schwardzwald League B.
  • Time to finish minimum can now be changed down to 10 seconds instead of 20.
  • Now possible to use Karts and F1's without the one make restriction.

2. Added PS2 Tracks
The game has nearly all of the PS2 era tracks. 42 of them are included in this mod.
* Driving Park - Test Course (PS2)​
* Grand Valley Speedway (PS2)​
* Tokyo R246 (PS2)​
* Costa di Amalfi (PS2)​
* High Speed Ring (PS2)​
* Hong Kong (PS2)​
* Côte d'Azur​
* Twin Ring Motegi Road Course (PS2)​
* New York (PS2)​
* Nürburgring Nordschleife (PS2)​
* Chamonix (PS2)​
* Twin Ring Motegi Super Speedway (PS2)​
* Opera De Paris​
* Seattle Circuit (PS2)​
* Suzuka Circuit (PS2)​
* Tsukuba Circuit (PS2)​
* Circuit de Valencia (PS2)​
* El Capitan (PS2)​
* Apricot Hill Raceway (PS2)​
* Autumn Ring (PS2)​
* Deep Forest (PS2)​
* Ice Arena (PS2)​
* Infineon Raceway (PS2)​
* Laguna Seca (PS2)​
* Fuji Speedway 2005 (PS2)​
* Swiss Alps (PS2)​
* Smokey Mountain (PS2)​
* Trial Mountain (PS2)​
* Driving Park - Beginner Course (PS2)​
* Driving Park - Motorland (PS2)​
* Seoul Central (PS2)​
* Complex String (PS2)​
* Circle60 (PS2)​
* Midfield Raceway (PS2)​
* Midfield Raceway (PS2)​
* Pikes Peak Downhill (PS1)​
* Autumn Ring Mini (PS2)​
* Grand Valley East Section (PS2)​
* Citta di Aria (PS2)​
* Grand Canyon (PS2)​
* Tahiti Maze (PS2)​
* Fuji Speedway '90 (PS2)​
3. Restored Cut A-Spec Events
Note: Removed for the time being - needs some polishing.

Roughly 15 of them. Unfortunately game progress does not work for them (hardcoded).
Custom car rewards have been added for them (will require a fresh save).

4. QA Menu

Allows you to easily edit your save ingame, unlock DLCs directly, used by testers during development.
Pressing SELECT on the main menu.

4. Any Car in Photo Travel
A bypass rather than hidden feature. You can use standard cars in Photo Travel.

5. Race Editor
Used by Polyphony Digital to create game events, most notably licenses. You can use it to save events as an XML file to either the hard drive or an USB.
(Events are located at textdata/gt5 if you want to make custom events.)

6. Extra Course Maker Settings
Presumably used during development to make events for the GT Tour.
You can set the track length, and type of track. Yes you can now make Point-To-Point tracks. You can also drive your current GT Mode car during testing.

7. Painting Any Type of Car & Wheels
Also a bypass. Does not apply the color on all cars, rather unpredictable.

8. Special Settings
Now without save editing required.

9. All Cars in Dealership
Prices are balanced (aka more expensive), so the Used Car Dealership is still relevant.

10. Offline Credit/XP/Presents Login Presents Reimplemented
Should balance the game a bit more.

11. Added Scrapped Cars Entirely
Cars that were easy to re-add from older GT5 versions/builds were added to the game. (Attached image: Polyphony Digital X1)

12. Debug Camera in Photo Walk Mode (Replays)

Full Feature List

This mod for Gran Turismo 5 adds several features to the game:​
- Debug features enabled for any game build.​
* Pressing SELECT on the main menu brings up a debug menu.​
* Holding R1 while going to the photo travel mode unlocks all locations.​
* Holding R1 while openning all tickets/vouches runs in debug mode; no tickets are consumed.​
* Pressing START in any event or license completes them.​
* Pressing START in the Used Car Dealership on a car gives you the car for free.​
* Pressing TRIANGLE in the Dealership on a car color gives you the car for free.​
* Holding R1 while viewing a car in the garage does not make the car spin.​
* Holding R1 while picking a car in arcade mode does not make the car spin.​
* Runviewer/QA/Debug features enabled in Course Maker.​
* Quick Location Switcher debug feature enabled in Photo Travel.​
* Runviewer features (Resolution Changing) enabled in Options.​
- LAN Enabled & Online Experience Improvements (Original credits to Razerman and others for the initial discovery)​
* Improvements over the initial mod​
* More cars allowed in One-Make.​
* All tracks had their "rain_situation" enabled, meaning you can now set any track rainy.​
* Template02 and 04 are now playable online along with Top Gear variants.​
* It is now possible to use karts and F1's in Online Rooms without regulations. FGT vs F1's are now possible.​
* Updated ALL online car sets, credits to goongumps. (Full list:​
* Changed default track to Autumn Ring - Mini for faster room loading.​
* Shuffle list rebalanced.​
* Time to pick tracks increased from 40 to 45s.​
- PS2 Tracks re-added​
* 42 Tracks!​
* Added missing logos, maps, previews for them.​
- Added scrapped cars:​
Polyphony Digital X1 (fan) - From GT5 QA Build of Sept. 16th 2010​
Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel (Old) - Model from GT5 QA Build of Sept. 16th 2010​
Nissan SKYLINE Coupe 370GT (GT Academy Version) '07 - Car from GT Academy 2012 that never carried to GT5.​
- Readded scrapped old template02 track (as template12).​
- New racing modifications​
* It's all up to you from now on. No list to provide to avoid spoilers :eyes:​
- Other changes​
* Special Settings are unlocked by default in options.​
* Increased the AI difficulty of the arcade mode. Old "Professional" difficulty is "Normal".​
* It is now possible to go in the Photo Travel with a standard car.​
* Photo Mode in-race now lets you take the camera everywhere.​
* You can go in the museum menu, but it does not work much, still.​
* It is now possible to take photos of standards without the zoom restriction.​
* You can now paint special cars in GT Auto.​
* You can also paint wheels for special cars in GT Auto.​
* Added a notice in the main menu with mod details.​
* All Rally tracks had their AI in arcade increased from 4 to 12-16.​
* Added a RACE_EDIT/Event Creator event in A-Spec (Beginner)​
* Changed the base path for RACE_EDIT that makes saving xml files possible.​
* Removed ALL annoying gttop (Main Menu) PSN prompts while connected to the internet.​
* Update Main Menu year to 2020.​
* Changed some RACE_EDIT strings "WRITE FILE DONE"/"WRITE FILE FAILED" to more human readable strings.​
* Car dealership now sells all the cars.​
* Restored cut A-Spec events. (Removed as of 1.0.5 while polishing)​
* PS2 Tracks that did not have a map menu icon now have one. (Credits to Shy_Doge)​
* PS2 Tracks that did not have a logo now have one.​
* Restored a GTHD/GT5P scene for a car selection in GT Mode which looks a lot cooler.​
* Money limit increased from 20,000,000 to 2,000,000,000 (possibly only new saves).​
* Online: Minimum Shuffle Base changed from 300 to 240.​
* Online: Maximum Shuffle base changed from 500 to 1000.​
* Online: Shuffle list for higher PP ranges imported from GTPSP.​
* Online: Time to finish minimum changed from 20 seconds to 10.​
* Online: Time to pick during track vote has been increased from 40 to 45s, due to the added tracks.​
* Reimplemented offline login presents (and increased XP/Cash ratio).​
* Added some A-Spec dummy events just to test out template02 and 04.​
* It is now possible to use karts and F1's in GT Mode (the former will see grids full of F1 AIs though).​
* Added an Easter Egg. (Hint: IA-15 AI) - Credits to Xenn​
* Added Top Gear test tracks variants to Arcade and Online Modes.​
* Template02 and 04 can now be selected in Course Maker.​
* Some unobtainable tuning parts are now given when using the "Add All Tuning Parts" option. (New saves only).​
* Increased favorite limits :​
- Courses (Online?) - 50 -> 200​
- Photos - 50 -> 200​
- Replays - 50 -> 200​
- Cars - 100 -> 1000​
- Fixes​
* Made RACE_EDIT functional and fixed some native bugs. (View 1.0.4 changelog)​


Held vom Erdbeerfeld
Die Leute verdienen alle einen Orden... ~megusta~

Wahnsinn..! Das muss ich mir die Tage mal alles genauer ansehen.
Alleine die PS2 Tracks... (El Capitan ~fap~)
Das muss doch sicherlich auch wieder mit Online-Lobby via private IP funktionieren, oder nicht?
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Was fehlt dir denn noch alles?

tja... toscana night mit dem lambo, da bin ich bosher nur 2.,
dann noch den gtr rekord auf der NS.
bin auch noch net level 40.

und ja, hab grad geshen ich hab erst 609 Autos und man brauch 1000...

und mir fehlt noch eine hidden trophy..


ok die hidden scheint die endureance trophy zu sein. da hab ich grad bock drauf..

oh gott, dunke erinnerungen. da war leman 24h wirkich 24h?

naja, näcshte woche 3 tage urlaub, auf gehts würd ich sagen :D
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Ich wollte vor ein paar Jahren (als ich GT6 platiniert hatte) auch GT5 machen. Aber holy moly, nee.
Besonders B-Spec formula dingens was ein abfuck.

Und dann noch 3(?) 24h rennen.
Oder sogar 6 wegen B-Spec, weiß gar nicht mehr genau.

Zählen zur Every gold trophy auch B-Spec? wenn nicht dann geht das ja. evtl. :ugly:


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You have the choice to either do all Golds on A-Spec, or all Golds on B-Spec. You don't have to do both. B-Spec is the easier one to do, because you won't have to race the long Endurance races on your own.
Endurance Races are super long. It is best advised to do this all in B-Spec for an easy all Gold Trophies. That way you don't have to endure these long races all by yourself in A-Spec.

B-Spec Level 40 - früher konnte man das per Webinterface fernsteuern :D.
The Air of Experience braucht viel Zeit.

1000 Autos - Karts kaufen!