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VER ist auch virtuell schnell.

The new “Beat the Pro” benchmark then is the Dutch driver’s 1:58.872, with the F1 championship leader beating his colleague to the line by roughly 1.75 seconds.

Of course the best GT Sport drivers in the world won’t find that a particularly difficult time to match. At present the best times on the leaderboard — from the usual suspects like Valerio Gallo, Jose Serrano, Takuma Miyazono, and Igor Fraga — are more than a second clear of this mark.

However, for the rest of us it will prove a sterner test. For comparison, Tsunoda’s time is just on the fringes of the top 2,000, while Verstappen’s is in the top 250 presently.

With these events, I like to run a slow time so I can see how many people have entered. However, it's quite tricky to do, as the game is quite fond of red-lighting your lap if you go too slowly but quite randomly.

I figured out that if you're off the throttle too long on bits of track you should be full throttle, that can cause the lap invalidation... so I hit upon a way to not do that but still be slow.
Mach ich auch manchmal. ~awman~
Der Trick in GTS ist rückwärts fahren ~lol~.
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"Übrigens dürft Ihr Euren Spielfortschritt aus "GT Sport" in den siebten Teil importieren. Allerdings gibt es erneut einen Online-Zwang, selbst in der Karriere."
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hm... mein Bauch hätte getippt es gäbe lediglich ein paar "Gnaden-Credits" für GTS user...
aber mit dem GT7 inhalt, braucht man (der user) wirklich irgendeine übernahme von fortschritten?! würde ich das spielen, dann würde ich bei 0 anfangen wollen!