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Abstruso Option File 2013 (inkl. 2. BuLi)

WICHTIG: Nutzt folgende Edit, sonst zerschiesst ihr euch eure OF (wenn ihr den DLC 5.0 nutzt):


Finale Version 29.3.2013

Update für bereits aufgespielte Abstruso Optionfiles
Update DLC 4.0
oder - Update ABSTRUSO DLC 4.0.rar


Deutsche Meisterliga und Deutsches BaL mit 1. und 2.Bundesliga

Komplette Championsleague incl. BATE Borisov

Trikots für Liga Portugal & EPL

Trikots für alle Nationalmannschaften und Classicteams

20 neue Stadien plus richtige Stadiennamen für alle Teams

über 120 zusätzliche Classicspieler bei den Vertragslosen

keine Fakes mehr & keine Doubles in der Meisterliga

Neue Buildfaces für nahezu alle Bundesliga- und Classicplayer

Kleinschreibung für allle Teams und Spieler

Reverlinkung aller ungenutzter Ingame-Bundesligafaces

Angepasstes Schuhwerk in allen Ligen

Angepasste Marktwerte aller Bundesligaspieler

und einiges mehr!

direkte chantverlinkung für alle klappt leider nicht, ihr müsst die chants selbst zuordnen

für weiter Chants checkt bitte bert´s Thread:
Chants PES 2013

und passende Teamansagen von Wolff Fuss findet ihr in darookie´s thread:
[AUDIOS] Kommentar - Clubnamen

WENB PES 2013 Option File v3 (ohne 2. BuLi)
This Option File contains 658 files and is compatible with PES2013 Data Pack 2.0

Option File Contents:

All League and Cup Emblems corrected
League Structures reworked

Club Teams:
EPL - Kits & Emblems created/updated
Ligue 1 – Licensed
Eredivisie – Licensed
Serie A – Licensed
La Liga - Licensed
Liga Zon Sagres - Kits and Emblems created/updated

Full Bundesliga addedincluding squad lists, player abilities, hundreds of players appearances (all face builds, no scans) and much more

18 team npower Championship addedBirmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool, Bolton Wanderers, Brighton & Hove Albion, Cardiff City, Crystal Palace, Derby County, Huddersfield Town, Hull City, Leeds United, Leicester City, Middlesbrough, Millwall, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, Watford, Wolverhampton Wanderers – including squad lists, player abilities, hundreds of players appearances (all face builds, no scans) and much more

If you would like to replace ANY of our team’s emblems then you will find alternatives in this link -

The remaining npower Championship Teams will follow very soon as team exports for you add as you like.

FC Anzhi Makhachkala & BATE Borisov added to Other European Teamsincluding squad lists, player abilities, player appearances (all face builds, no scans) and much more

Brazilian League – Licensed

Any player removed by the Data Pack 2.0 DLC who had a pre-set face and/or has joined the reserves of his club have been base copied and re-registered where appropriate/possible. More of these players will be added in our next Edit Data update very soon – This should not stop you starting a ML. These players, once we have added them back in, will be created players and will appear in your ML even after you have started it.

National Teams:
All unlicensed national team kits created
All fake national team player names corrected
All duplicate national team players replaced

All classic national team kits created
All classic national team player names corrected
All standalone classic player names corrected

19 EPL stadia have been added.
These stadiums have been created with the in-game editor to the best of our ability and within the confines of the editor. All include relevant ad-boards.

When installing this Option File:
You WILL need the 2.0 Data Pack installed too. If you don’t currently have this DLC, please download and install it before copying the OF to your PS3!

DO NOT DELETE YOUR SYSTEM DATA, you should continue to use this, it is your PES record and nothing to do with Option Files!!

Installation Guides:

When installing the Option File PLEASE REMEMBER the Copy Multiple option on your PS3. This will save you lots of time! When installing to one of our PS3s total copy time from a USB took 30 minutes when using this option. So make (and drink) a cup of tea whilst this happens

How to ensure ALL of the files make it on to your PS3:
When you open your USB, the first file out will, normally, be the Edit Data file. While the other files unpack from the USB you can still copy this file…

This is just what I do, you don't have to follow this if you want to stick to what you know.

MAKE SURE you find the Edit Data file FIRST. (If you try and copy it all straight away, many of the files will not be selected, as the PS3 is still finding them on your USB stick. This will cause them to not show in the game.)

1. Find the Edit Data

2. Press Triangle and select COPY, the edit Data will begin to copy, it will stop at 99% and you will, probably see it jumping up and down. THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM, it just means that other files are unpacking while you copy this file.

3. Once ALL of the files have unpacked the Edit Data file will stop bouncing and will then move to 100% copied. You will now have all of the OF data unpacked.

4. Press Triangle again and select copy multiple. Now, de-select the Edit Data file, (you already have this on your PS3 no need to re-copy it!) Now select OK, you will now have 657 files copying over to your PS3, this will take approximately 30 minutes or slightly more.

IF you are asked to overwrite PES2013 data you already have, SAY YES! This will overwrite the PES2013 saves you already have but will ensure the Option File works correctly and that you have ALL of our files installed.


The perfect complement to this, or indeed, any Option File can be found here
Chuckbass’ has produced fanchant packs to add to all of the in-game leagues and other teams too. We will be working with Chuck to bring you more of these chants as we update the Option File!
Stay tuned!

WENB Option File v3 Download Links:

chuckbass Chants Packs
What They Work On

First and foremost - these chant packs have been created for the PS3 version of PES 2013. In respect to the 360/PC versions of the game, I am unsure whether they can be transferred/adapted to those systems.

In the process of creating the chants, I did once download adx file formatted chants (what is used on the PC) and was able to convert them into mp3 for use on the PS3. Therefore, it may be possible to do the opposite and convert mp3 --> adx and be able to use on the PC. For the 360, I am unsure how chants work and whether you can use them in edit mode.

Between the PES community I am certain we'll be able to get answers whether they can be put to use on the 360/PC - but for now, these have been made for the PS3.

How To Install In Your Game

These chant packs and the individual mp3's can be used/assigned to ANY TEAM within PES 2013. Unlike say kits/logo's whereby you cannot edit the team's already licensed in the game - you can add chants to every single team, that includes any created teams from the various OF's you may have installed.

For a step-by-step guide from how to download, transfer to USB, adding to your PS3 harddrive & assigning in-game - I have made the following tutorial
(Now I did want Morgan Freeman to narrate...but then heard a rumour he died, so had to do it myself!) Any questions on the process just ask. TWO-PARTER because it's just THAT epic!


Specific Medleys: ALL 20 CLUBS

Generic Medleys: 4


Specific Medleys: AS Saint-Étienne, FC Bordeaux, FC Lorient, FC Sochaux, Lille, Montpellier, OGC Nice, Marseille, Lyon, PSG

Generic Medleys: 10


Specific Medleys: Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, FC Schalke 04, Hamburger SV

Generic Medleys: 6


Specific Medleys: ADO Den Haag, Ajax, AZ Alkmaar, FC Twente, FC Utrecht (Especially made for ‘De Lyon!’) Feyenoord, Heracles Almelo, NEC Nijmegen, NAC Breda, PSV Eindhoven, SC Heerenveen

Generic Medleys: 9


pecific Medleys: AC Milan, ACF Fiorentina, AS Roma, Atalanta, Bologna, Calcio Catania, Inter Milan, Juventus, Parma, SS Lazio, SSC Napoli, Udinese

Generic Medleys: 12


Specific Medleys: Benfica, FC Porto, SC Braga, Sporting Lisbon

Generic Medleys: 4


TEAMS INCLUDED – All with Specific Medleys: Sparta Prague, AEK Athens, Besiktas, Celtic, CFR Cluj, Club Brugge, CSKA Moscow, Dinamo Zagreb, FC Anzhi, FC BATE, FC Copenhagen, Dynamo Kiev, FC Nordsjaelland, Shaktar Donetsk, Zenit Saint Petersburg, Fenerbache, Galatasary, Motherwell, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, PAOK, Rangers, Anderlecht, Spartak Moscow & Wisla Krakow

Generic Medleys: 8


Specific Medleys: Athletic Bilboa, Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Mallorca, Real Betis, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia

Generic Medleys: 6


The ENTRANCE/GOAL songs can be assigned to any competitions/teams within PES 2013. Includes 22 ENTRANCE / 15 GOAL songs.
Wellos Stadien
Hier, wie schon letztes Jahr Wellos Stadien:

Sind von PES 2012 konvertiert, insgesamt 19 Stück, querbeet aus Liga 1-3.
Wie man hier so liest, verursachen die konvertierten Daten so ihre Probleme...
Getestet habe ich die Stadien NICHT.

Auch, wie letztes Jahr gilt:
Sollte ich von Wello hören, dass er nicht möchte, dass seine Stadien hier angeboten werden, fliegen die sofort raus.
Zuletzt editiert:
systems, systems, systems, systems
PSN-Name: philley
Spielt gerade: ED, NMS, Wreckfest
Erster Post up to date!

Info zu Abstrusos OF:

Wir haben 2 kleine bugs im Game: einmal haben wir das Maracana Stadion zweimal, ein neues spanisches Stadion heißt jetzt auch so und wir können den Namen nicht fixen. Der D2-Bug bedeutet, dass die 2.Bundesliga in der ML D2-Liga heißt, das können wir auch leider nicht fixen.
Zuletzt editiert:
PSN-Name: Sparnix
Wie ist das eigentlich mit den OptionFile wenn man Online spielt? Welche Mannschaften hat man dann zur Auswahl? Gibt es ein OptionFile welches nur die fehlenden Logos und Namen berichtigt? Kann man diese dann auch Online nutzen? Ich meine jetzt im speziellen die englische Liga.
PSN-Name: Sparnix
online kann man das of leider nicht nutzen. da werden die standard teams verwendet
Sieht man dann online auch die Standard Logos und Namen? Spiele gerne Online mit nicht so starken Teams wie Shakhtar Donetsk und fände es schade wenn diese Online überschrieben werden. Wie ist das bei dem WENB und Abstruso OF? Welche Mannschaften werden da überschrieben?
PSN-Name: hotsalsa
Spielt gerade: PES 2019, Spider-Man, RDR 2
Ich kann jedem nur das OF von Abstruso empfehlen. Die ist sehr gut gelungen. Die Gesichter wurden diesmal Gott sei Dank nicht eingescannt sondern sind Ingame-Build.

WENB ist auch okay habe ich aber wieder gelöscht, da ich lieber 2. Buli statt 2. Liga England ohne Team-Logos und deutsche Stadien statt englische Provinz-Baracken im Spiel habe.

Spiel grad mit dem BVB die CL. Im AF jetzt gegen Barca.. Ich glaub das wars dann auch für mich... :D


systems, systems, systems
PSN-Name: Lulac
Spielt gerade: mal dies, mal das
weisst nicht wie es beim wenb of ist aber beim abstruso sind sogar die fanbanner im stadion verändert