Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Offline, mit Kumpels, ist in so fern viel besser, das alle einigermassen auf dem gleichen Skill-Level sind. Online bekommst du die Hucke vollgeschlagen. :)
Genereller Rat für Online matches versuche immer in der hohen Block Haltung zu stehen,da die meisten Chars nur high oder mid launcher haben.
Bei Anna,Bryan,Miguel,Hwoarang,Eddy,Jin muss mann auch auf low launchers achten.
Wenn du auf dem Boden liegst nicht immer nach hinten rollen, da gute Spieler per Okizeme dich treffen können. Sidesteps sollten Anfänger am Anfang lieber auch meiden.

Und dann natürlich das Prinzip von safe attacks und punishable verstehen ist sehr wichtig!
PSN-Name: Greek-God88
Spielt gerade: Bayo2/DMC4SE
Tekken Revolution Rating Pops up Again, is a PlayStation 3 Game

Back when the Australian Classification Board rated something called Tekken Revolution, all we knew was that it is a video game of some sort from Namco Bandai.

Thanks to a new rating by PEGI though, we now know that this is a PlayStation 3 game, it has online gameplay of some sort, it is violent, and the genre for the title is listed as ‘other’, which is a descriptor given to other titles like the Journey Collector’s Edition and Diggs Nightcrawler.

Previously when Tekken Revolution first appeared in the wild, Katsuhiro Harada, Producer on Tekken, took to Twitter to shoot down any notion that this is anything other than a card game (but since PEGI has a genre category for Board/Card game, it doesn’t look like it is):

I think someone confuse Platform or Game Genre. But I think TEKKEN CARD Tournament is similar Fighting game (IMO).

I think It’s description mistake. Cuz We did registration Just for new version of TEKKEN CARD Tournament Title. That’s all.

Now that we have a rating pointing out a specific console, we’ll reach out to Namco Bandai once again, and hopefully hear some more about just what Tekken Revolution is.

Was sollen dat sein?
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PSN-Name: Greek-God88
Spielt gerade: Bayo2/DMC4SE
Ihm gehts gut :)

“I just finished up the master version, and I had a cold and a fever so I was home drinking tequila and getting some work done. Ono got a new car late last month so I took it for a test drive, and cleared some games I had piled up (Crysis 3, Bioshock, Metro) so I ignored calls from the office. I was busy. Then Grid 2 came out while work was piling up, people were treating me like I was missing or something. I’m fine, and back to work and I’ll be at E3, so don’t worry.”
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Hoffentlich findet Soul Calibur nochmal in die Spur zurück - die Serie mag ich von den Bemups eigentlich am meisten ~gah~

Denke zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt ist das für Tekken sicher kein Fehler. So kann man noch ein paar Einnahmen generieren (2 * Health für 10€? :ugly: ) und die in das nächste Tekken investieren.


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