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Hab gestern mal kurz reingeschaut. VF2 war das letzte, welches I h ausgiebig spielte. Bei VF3tb auf dem DC war ich schon halb ausgestiegen. Gestern mal kurz mit Sarah reingeschaut und die grundlegenden Moves von damals liefen fast wie am ersten Tag. Hab schon Bock und hoffe ich finde die Zeit dran zu bleiben.


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systems, systems, systems, systems, systems, systems, systems, systems, systems, systems
Spielt gerade: GT&FM | 60fps FTW
VF5US Version 1.04 Update
1,896 GB
Patch Notes for 1.04 - July 8, 2021 From Virtua Fighter JP website

The invite feature was added for Room Match.
・Users can now invite a friend or a specified user from within the room.
・Private Slots can now be set which are available only for users who receive an invite.

Host migration is now supported during an ongoing Tournament or League match.
・If the host leaves the room or is disconnected from the internet during a Tournament or League match, one of the remaining players can now take over as the host and resume the match.

Additions and changes to Stamp display settings
・Ver.1.04 Stamp Setting options replace the previous options for Stamps
  1. Only While Spectating - Applies to the existing ‘Off’ option. Stamps are not displayed during one’s match.
  2. Always - Applies to the existing ‘On’ option. Stamps are displayed at all times including during one’s match
  3. While Spectating & Before/After Match Only (New) - Stamps are only displayed while spectating or before/after one’s match (during intro and victory animation); they are not displayed during the match.
  4. OFF (New) - Stamps are not displayed at all.
・Tips were added.
・When spectating, the guide buttons at the bottom of the screen will now become hidden if no input is made after a certain period of time. They will reappear if an input is made.
・Adjustments made to the Replay content displayed on the Main Menu.
・The “+1 rule” in Tournament Match now also applies to semifinals.
・Current version will now display on the Title Screen.

Issue fixes
・Fixed an issue that was causing unintended matching to occur in Ranked Match.
・Fixed an unintended display issue that would sometimes occur for connection status in Ranked Match.
・Fixed an issue where the Genesis data was not being reflected correctly for Stage Win Rate in Player Data.
・[DLC] Fixed characters whose P1 and P2 versions of their VF costumes were swapped.
・Improved the stability of online matches.
・Other minor issues were fixed.

Known Bug
•In a normal Room Match, if the countdown ends and one player does not have their status set to OK, the other player who did have their status to OK may be removed from the next match.
If this issue occurs, please wait until the next match begins or allow the countdown to end without either player setting their status to OK. Subsequently, the players will be able to enter a match as usual. This issue will be fixed in the game's next update.


1.02 war die Releaseversion. Zumindest habe ich die kurz nach dem Release heruntergeladen.
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