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  • Okay Droux, das hatte ich noch garnicht mitbekommen und vorallem nicht bemerkt.... danke für die Info. Muss ich mir mal anschauen. Hmm...
    Points 1 and 4 together got me down from 85ms of audio lag to 20ms. That's a big, audible difference in drum fills and freestyle.

    Having done all that, you'll need to go back and recalibrate the audio. (I find RB2 audio auto-calibration works well, even though I do video manually).

    das bezieht sich allerdings auch nur auf die Fills and freestyles :) und den gesang.

    sry 4 spam :)
    So you need to find sources of lag in your audio system. Things I've found:

    1) Dolby Digital adds about 50ms of lag. Turn it off. If you're using HDMI, the game can output multichannel 5.1 PCM, which is better quality and doesn't have the lag. Otherwise, just make do with 2.0 stereo.
    2) If you have an external AVR, disable any HDMI 1.3 auto-lipsync calibration, or any manual audio calibration. That will be delaying the audio in an attempt to match the video. In a rhythm game, it's better for the game to play the video early, and not delay the audio.
    3) If you have an LCD/plasma TV, and you're using internal speakers, it may be delaying the audio to match the video. See if you can disable this.
    4) Turn off any fancy audio processing options. Eg on my Denon AVR-4308 amplifier, Audyssey Dynamic EQ adds 15ms of lag.
    ich bin mal so dreist und quote wen aus dem RB forum :
    There's nothing calibration of the game can do to get better synchronisation of your fill or freestyle drum hits and the corresponding sounds. It's responding as fast as it can - the signal has to get from the drums to the console, the console produces audio, and it has to go through your audio system.

    The calibration settings compensate for delays by displaying note charts earlier or by playing audio earlier. There's no possible early play compensation for notes you hit manually, without the game being psychic.
    denzent, aber doch schön was sich aus dem normalen kram machen lässt...schrift+ hintergrund halt...hab auch schon ein wenig rumgespielt...werd irgendwann versuchen irgendwas zu nem game in den hintergrund zu packen8)
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