Gran Turismo vs. the World

Erste wirkt ein bisschen flach und künstlich. Der Asphalt sieht gut / detailliert aus.

Zweite ist real-life.

Forza 5 würde ohne Zuschauer besser aussehen... die Schatten bei tief stehender Sonne sind auch nicht immer gut wie man links sehen kann, in Bewegung (oder theoretisch anderen Tageszeiten) vielleicht weniger ein Problem.

In dem Thread hat einer ein Bild aus GT6 zum Vergleich rausgesucht:

Texturen könnten besser sein.


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Spielt gerade: GT7 | 60fps FTW
In case someone here is interested, how the braking distance in pCARS compares to other games available on console, I posted this in the Driveclub OT:

Ok, I wanted to know how the Driveclub Hardcore mode braking distance compares to other games and came up with the idea to compare the time it takes to decelerate from 200km/h to 0km/h. To do that I took video footage and looked up the exact frames.
THEN I saw "hey, you got the speed of this car at any given time of the braking... what if you made a graph of those with lots of values taken from the video? The area under the graph would be braking distance!". So that's what I did here, just that I also used an interpolation algorithm from Mathematica and did a numerical integration on it, to have a very precise idea of the area under the deceleration-speed curve.

I used the Pagani Huayra in every game. Here are the results:

- I tried to find a straight that was even in Japan, but the road in Driveclub might have had a very minor inclination/unevenness, unlike in Monza or the Forza drag strip where the values for the other games where taken. This has nothing to do with the dents in the speed curve on the last meters.
- In GT6 the standard tyre for the Huayra [sports hard] seems a little weak; the same tyre is used in your usual sport saloons in the game. pCARS has the outstanding Pirelli Trofeo on the car. Forza doesn't name the tyre brands, but assigns different tyre compound values to every car in stock configuration.
- Tyres were warmed up, no ABS was used, except in GT6, where I went for ABS on the lowest possible setting (1/10), because my threshold braking is terrible in that game. In Forza and pCARS I went for a lower brake pressure in the setup and then pushed the pedal to the metal. Driveclub automatically doesn't lock up the brakes in 100% input as long as you're not trying to steer or are going downhill.
- I might add the last 2 Grid games and Assetto Corsa in late April.


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Spielt gerade: GT7 | 60fps FTW
Tech Analysis: Gran Turismo Sport vs Forza Motorsport 7

For the purposes of our analysis, we looked at Gran Turismo Sport primarily running on PlayStation 4 Pro using its higher resolution 1800p checkerboard mode, while in the case of Forza 7, the lack of Xbox One X code made us settle on the PC version with all settings maxed out and resolution set to native 4K.
Verstehe ich nicht so recht. Am besten vergleicht man erstmal auf den Originalkonsolen - dort wird am meisten gespielt. Dann bietet sich das warten auf die X1X an, wo man den PC noch dazunehmen kann.


Curiously, Forza 7 appears faster than GT Sport in motion, but this is down a slightly different focal length and the use of a subtle motion blur effect, both of which accentuate speed in the Turn 10 title.
Auf der XB1 gibt's keinen Motion Blur soweit ich das gesehen habe. Ist mir ziemlich schnell aufgefallen, weil die Vorgänger immer einen hatten. Vermisse ich aber nicht, im Zweifel ist mir ein klareres Bild lieber.
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